A Two Fingered Salute To The Lonely Planets Womens Forum!

Posted: 03/01/2011 in Vietnam
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Where to start? We have been on the road for four months.. That’s four countries, approximately a foot of regrowth, one catastrophic attempt at retouching my roots, a shameful surrender to the razor and what can only be described as butchery by a local hairdresser..

Did I mention that before I left the U.K I had the nerve to post on the Lonely Planets Women Travelers Forum – My concerns as a femail traveling across Asia and personal grooming? I was laughed out of the forum, told to get a grip, buy some Goretex and not darken their site again.

Since then I have met some of them on the road, in their fishermans trousers flashing glimpses of hairy kankle, dredlocks in training, a bag from a local market and a strange bum fluffed, guitar clasping, deseperate male dragging behind. The only accessory – a Lonely Planet guide book. I realise I was posting on the wrong forum…

We are now in Hoi An, Vietnam, where the only guide book you need is the latest Vogue and a deep pocketed Honey. We have found a cafe to while away the time taken for the shoe makers to custom make my Summer 2011 Dior sandals and when my boy gazed across the table to point out my roots, I was even able to become fluent enough in Vietnamese to charm a local hairdresser into supplying me with the tools to correct the green and ginger mistake of Thailand.

It is heaven… Or it would be, if only the sun would come out and if I had packed a few items of clothing warmer than a bikini… But whats the point in jumpers when you can get a Marc Jacobs silk dress for a fiver and pop across the border to a warmer climate?


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