Healthy Meal Options. How to Stay Alive on a Small Budget.

Posted: 23/03/2011 in Ask Magaret., Vietnam
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Mags, our in house Dietician, reports from Vietnam.

In Vietnam our men are lazy, they eat, they sleep. In between, they eat again and sleep some more. It’s a profession and they are very good at it. The women on the other hand get up before the sun rises, work in the fields, building roads, tend to the children and keep a ship shape house, even at 39 weeks pregnant.

Our men survive on quick burning carbohydrates such as Rice. Sticky Rice. Rice Wine and sometimes – if we are not too tired to make a batch – Rice noodles. From an early age I watched my father eat, drink and crash up to seven times a day, whilst my mother just chewed on a lizard or feasted upon a barbequed rat whilst harvesting the rice. I learnt that to keep strong a girl should go for meat, everytime!

The location of Hoi An makes fresh rat meat readily available. Only today, whilst cycling along the banks of the river with my new Fridge Freezer on the carrier ( new training technique for strengthening the thighs and lifting a sagging left buttock ), I was lucky enough to pick up four! So without spending a penny you can eat like a king!

So girls! Wherever you are – Say No! To carbs and Yes! Yes! YES! To meat, a cheap, sometimes free. One meal a day booster!


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