Hoi An Haute Couture. A guide

Posted: 23/03/2011 in Vietnam
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Hoi An! Every Fashionista’s  dream. Where even the fishermen carry Gucci Handbags… Where you can get an outfit taylor made, for the price of an evening meal and seeing that every Fashionista worth her salt, does not indulge in such gluttonous activities. You will be handed a bargaining tool with which no man could argue.

I’d personally recommend a four night stay, abstaining from a minimum of two meals a day and Voila! Eight new outfits without spending a penny!! Margaret has some tips on surviving on one meal a day. See her column on ‘Healthy meal options, how to stay alive on a small food budget’.

For those of you struggling to persuade a tiresome Honey – Dave’s advice on how to keep your Honey happy ‘Turn that Frown Upside down! How to turn a no into a YES!! in just three easy moves’ is a jolly worthwhile read.

Another must do activity to fill your days whilst in Hoi An of course is getting a few more pairs of Jimmy Choo’s made to compliment your new wardrobe and whilst you’re at it you might as well treat yourself to a manicure and pedicure. At just $1 a go, it would certainly be a great time killer whilst your Honey has gone off in a huff, downing 12p Fresh Beer and posing on a jet ski on the nearby Cua Dai beach.


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