Posted: 21/04/2011 in Expat Living in Vietnam, Vietnam

Quite possibly the only tailor shop in Hoi An that I have not visited.

I read somewhere (probably in the fabulous.. Lonely Planet), that Hoi An is one of those places you end up staying a little longer than you ever intended… Well Father, it has been six weeks and we are still here. In fact to the detriment of this travel blog, we are staying! The team and I have committed ourselves to making sure there is at least one place in Central Vietnam that you can get a decent Brazilian wax and to introduce a skin care range that Michael Jackson would turn his nose up at. Its about time that the Vietnamese learnt that whitening is a dirty word when put together with any western girls toilet bag. This is of course alongside my day job of ruining every English speaking visitors fun – Re-writing Vietnamese/English for a local hotel.

My second confession.. It is a difficult one, that I am not entirely sure how to

Mr Shiny Happy L.P Writer

start… A few weeks ago we happened upon a rather friendly type, who turned out to be a writer. Well to be more specific – a travel writer. OK, he writes for the Lonely Planet. After several days in his company (complaining about the womens forum) I felt brave enough to revisit my original post to find this!

I apologise L.P, your writers rock, shame about the nasty vegetarians in the women travelers forums…

  1. shoksie86 says:

    Hi Caroline – me like the blog of an English beauty – from a Scottish beauty (!) with bare toenails. xxxxx

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