Where Are You Going? A Report on Current Salon Gossip.

Posted: 22/08/2011 in Beauty on the Road, Maureen's Top Beauty Reports.

Stepping into the hair salon in Hoi An is one of the few experiences that (if you can see past the posters of David Beckham) takes me right back to Toni & Guy salons nationwide. Lots of inappropriately dressed girls with ironed hair, flirting with snake hips himself, rocking his geometric mohawk, giggling and talking very loudly about how awful you look. Although in Vietnam they don’t have to mask the chat with a quick blast of a hairdryer as you can’t understand a word they are saying.

The standard ‘been on ‘oliday yet?’ is replaced by ‘Where are you going now?’ Same, same….

Every single Westerner is sat with a terrified glint in their eye, hovering over their seat ready to make a run for it as they bring out the ear cleaning tools (O.K, slightly different). Instead of a head massage, you get a scalp scratch by an apprentice with ridiculously long finger nails, again – same, same as Toni & Guy, but in Vietnam it’s snake hips.

Everyone leaves with the same hairstyle, but having worked for 2 years in a Toni & Guy in London.. same, same.

In fact the only difference I can think of is that in Vietnam it costs 90% less for an hours humiliation and your hair disaster grows out quicker in the sunny climate.


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