Cockroaches and Cleaners

Posted: 31/08/2011 in Expat Living in Vietnam, Handbags - how to avoid them

When we moved into our temporary, bijou apartment – home to a hardcore family of indestructible cockroaches, I was overjoyed at the thought of having a little home help of the cleaning variety.. A nice little lady singing happily whilst skilfully eliminating spiders the size of my foot from the sink, chattering away whilst I ran around cleaning ahead of her (I’m British don’t you know).. Well, somehow – I have no idea what I may have said, well, we fell out…

I’ve had a few sleepless nights over this and from researching back to that fateful day when I sent the ‘honey, I think I just sacked our cleaner’ email, I think it happened like this..

For some reason the night before ‘the incident’ the cockroaches had somehow learnt to fly. As my brave boyfriend pulled the bed sheet up under his chin, I flung myself around the apartment with a weak forehand volley and an electric tennis racket. This went on for quite some time and I may have spent the rest of the night curled up, clutching a can of  falcon super insect killer, watching the sun come up through the very gap in the curtains serving as the entry point for the bionic cockroaches.

I was quite tired and showing signs of acute paranoia by the time I heard the cleaner slip out of her plastic sandals and knock on our door and in the middle of mopping the walls down with bleach. I think what happened next was some kind of a mop duel and then she just left.

That was just over a week ago and almost every day she knocks on my door, points at my mop and performs some kind of tribal dance on our doorstep before breaking into song and skipping up the stairs to our neighbours. Apparently they have air con.


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