Packing Tips.

I wish I had..It’s crazy when I think that 10 months ago I was sat in a room with everything I owned trying to workout which 20kgs of my life I could not live without. In fact it’s now quite possibly one of the most talked about conversations us expats have, whenever there is the slightest chance of a visitor from home.

If I knew what I know now, I would have stuffed my suitcase full of the finest cheese, British Bangers and lamb, my hand luggage – I would have filled with enough underwear to keep me going for at least a couple of years and for good measure I probably would have tried to squeeze in a few hundred ‘firm’ toothbrushes and some Arm & Hammer. I would have saved all the money I flittered away on Summer dresses and invested it on a subscription for the Times Online…

This is the expats dream packing list! All the things that we wished we packed, but didn’t.

Over to you!


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