The Team

Meet the Team at Sunsets & Handbags!

Ask Maureen.

We were lucky enough to bump in to 18 year old Beauty Diva Maureen whilst in the jungles of Central Vietnam. Hair and Beauty Guru to the village and always on hand to answer any questions on the effectiveness of Organic Beauty products in anti-aging…

Magaret- Dietician.

Mags is based in Saigon, Vietnam, where she runs her organic kitchen from the pavements of District 1.     A strict taskmaster, she even provides squat benches on which to sit whilst eating your meal. Her menu is packed full of detoxifying ingredients. The queen of colonic irrigation! I lost 20lbs within a week of meeting her.


Introducing Dave. Our fabulous flirting and relationship coach. We were lucky enough to find Dave – who has been living as a pre-op transexual in coastal Vietnam. Body language expert extraordinaire – Dave has all the answers to spicing up a flagging love life on the road.


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