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Ting Boyle.

How to turn every no into a YES!! In three easy moves.

Dave learns from the best! An interview with Hoi An’s Brightest Karaoke Star – Ting. How she keeps her Nguoi my (American) boyfriend’s wallet open and a smile on his face. (more…)


Mags, our in house Dietician, reports from Vietnam.

In Vietnam our men are lazy, they eat, they sleep. In between, they eat again and sleep some more. It’s a profession and they are very good at it. The women on the other hand get up before the sun rises, work in the fields, building roads, tend to the children and keep a ship shape house, even at 39 weeks pregnant. (more…)

Where to start? We have been on the road for four months.. That’s four countries, approximately a foot of regrowth, one catastrophic attempt at retouching my roots, a shameful surrender to the razor and what can only be described as butchery by a local hairdresser.. (more…)